What makes you bisexual?



Recently I read an article about the top 5 latest sexual trends. On top of the list came bisexuality. It seems that one in three people is bisexual. To be honest, I am not so sure that I believe all of this. Let’s put it this way. We have twelve Brompton escorts working for our Brompton escorts service of https://charlotteaction.org/brompton-escorts, and in that case, we would have four bisexual ladies. As it is, only one of the girls is bisexual. I keep on wondering if this is just another celebrity hype, and if a lot of people pretend to be bisexual.


If, all of this people were really bisexual, I am sure that we would see less personal relationships. Okay, Brompton escorts are busier with their escorts for couple’s service, but I am not sure that means they the couples they date are bisexual couples. Most of them are probably just regular couples, and many of them fancy some extra company. When I read about all of these so called findings by research groups, I take it all with a pinch of salt. I am not sure that it is true at all, and I think they want to be in the paper.


I have talked about it with my friends at Brompton escorts, and many they agree with me. They say that a lot of people are making things up to stand out in a crowd. At first, I did not think about it this way, but now I realize that they are probably right. We all want to be part of the in crowd, and the best way we can do that, is to make silly claims. Sure, they all want to duo date Brompton escorts, but it has nothing to do with them being bisexual, most of them just want the experience.


Some guys phone up Brompton escorts services and ask if they can date transvestite Brompton escorts. It is in to date transvestites in Brompton. Personally, I don’t know any Brompton escorts services who have transvestite escorts available, but I am pretty sure there are some. If you really want to date transvestites, you would be better off visiting some of the clubs in Soho. They are some really hit guys there, and I am sure most of them would not mind earning a few extra bucks by going on date. It is not cheap to be a transvestite, and some of them spend a fortune on their looks.


Personally, I am happy to carry on working for Brompton escorts. Most of my dates here at the agency are strictly one-to-one. I do get some chaps asking me if I wouldn’t mind doing a duo date with one of the other girls, but the truth is that I am not really into that. Duo dating is very popular at the moment, but I am not so sure how long it is going to last. New dating styles are coming in all of the time, and people are always looking for something new.

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